Wakalture=Wakana(和香奈)+ Culture

Hi!, my name’s Wakana.
I have set-up the Wakalture Experience as I want to teach Japanese culture in a fun way to visitors of Japan.
At the moment I offer Calligraphy, Cooking(Udon making and Tamagoyaki), Tsumami-zaiku and Origami classes.
I can also guide visitors around the local area. (Nearby there are two famous shrines, as well as Akihabara & Ueno).

What’s special at Wakalture?
Really “REAL” Japan
There are many culture classes for tourists like mine, but I wonder how many of them are licensed and experienced. Especially for Calligraphy. 
This is my licenses. On the right, my license to teach Calligraphy. I’ve been learning traditional Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) 23 years. 

On the left, it’s my license of National Dietician. I learnt Nutriton at Kagawa Nutriton University and have worked as a dietician.
No translators at Wakalture
Using translators could bring misunderstandings sometimes and they convey less information. I want to 
communicate with visitors directly so that everyone can understand everything clearly. I’m not a native English speaker but I will do my best!! 

My main goal is to help visitors to Japan have a memorable time here in Japan:)

Calligraphy class for fun (Beginner) ¥4,000
Advanced class is ¥8,000 (Adult only)
Cooking(Udon noodle) +α class ¥7,000~
For family, these classes are kids price available:)
Tsumami-zaiku class  ¥3,000

Tea ceremony  ¥8,000
As I have no license for it, I introduce a local tea ceremony school 5 minutes away from Wakalture.
Let me know if you wish to wear Kimono during the experience:)

Handmade Origami earrings (¥1,000)
There are more various and colours at Wakalture:)

Additional activities
Origami folding ¥1,000
Tamagoyaki making ¥2,000 Read About Tamagoyaki🙂
Mini tour(1 hour) ¥1,500

Wi-Fi available

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