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Make Japanese Omelette, Tamagoyaki at Wakalture!!

What is Tamagoyaki??

Have you ever had Tamagoyaki? In English, it’s Japanese omelette, Japanese rolled omelette or egg roll, I think.
The typical egg dish in Japan!! And one of my favorite dish♡
Tamagoyaki is a bento box staple, as well as being a popular sushi topping!!

On the left down, you see the yellow square thing next to the pink one looks like a flower?
That’s Tamagoyaki!! My mum used to put Tamagoyaki in my lunch box almost everyday when I was a student:)
If you’ve ever had bento box, then you sould’ve eaten Tamagoyaki!!

There are several types of Tamagoyaki. It is made by eggs, dashi and sugar or soy sauce. Additionally, sake and mirin are used in some recipes. Also between the layers, many ingredients you could put in like seaweed or spinach etc…
A friend of mine, she makes Tamagoyaki everyday for her husband’s lunch box. She put something different in Tamagoyaki so that he won’t be sick of eating Tamagoyaki everyday!!

Do you want to try to make Tamagoyaki now?
Then Wakalture is the place for that!! 😀
At Wakalture, you make 2 kinds of Tamagoyaki, sweet Tamagoyaki and savory Tamagoyaki.
Cooking with the long chopsticks (called Saibashi 菜箸) and squared pan:)
We (used to) use chopsticks only for cooking. And the chopsticks are longer than regular chopstick for eating. (For the safety.) To mix egg and other ingredients with the long chopsticks will be fun and new experience for you:)
It might be difficult to roll the egg with long chopsticks but you’ll get better soon!!
And same as Udon making class, if you take this class, then you’ll be able to make Tamagoyaki after returning home♪ It doesn’t need very special ingredients and tools;)

Tamagoyaki making class is an additional activity at Wakalture.
So take either Beginners or Advanced Calligraphy class or one of Udon making class.
Then the Tamagoyaki class is only 2000 yen/ person 😉 (Udon and Tamagoyaki making class is 8000 yen)
*For people who have food allergies* Tamagoyaki is used EGG and Soy sauce. 

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The best time to see sakura right now!!

I don’t know exactly why people include me like cherry blossom (sakura) so much… everyone is so excited seeing cherry blossoms. They’re so pretty, beautiful and gorgeous:) 

Please have a look my photos!! It was taken yesterday, 26th March at Ueno Park:)

Sakura trees are actually everywhere in Japan!!lol Hope you can find then if you’re here:)

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Plum festival at Odawara

About a month ago, I visited Odawara for plum festival (Ume matsuri) 😊
It was a super sunny day so I could see Mt.Fuji clearly!! Mt.Fuji and plum blossoms with my Alpaca:) 
Pink and white blossoms with blue sky!! So beautiful, isn’t it?
I saw a dog in front of the plum tree:) There were many people walking with dogs!! I couldn’t take photos but Shiba was sooooo cute with plum blossoms!!

Look at this plum tree!! Can you believe that only one trunk has this much branches and blossoms😲✨
Must be so heavy…
The day was a bit too early to see weeping plum blossoms. But I was lucky!! On the way back to car parking,
I found this weeping plum tree:) Still wasn’t full but 70%? so pretty anyway (my alpaca between plum blossoms too😁)!!

Tokyo is warmer these days so cherry blossom (Sakura) season may be coming earlier in this year…?!
Just now, Kouchi prefecture announced that the first cherry blossoms have started to bloom!!
Near my place, Ueno will may be announced in 3 days!! 
At Wakalture, I made cherry blossom earring with Tsumami-zaiku:) One pair is only 1000 yen if you participate any Wakalture’s activity!!

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Traditional Japanese Wedding

I just got married the end of last year:)
Then now, I would like to share my wedding ceremony which is very traditional Japanese style!!
These days, Many people prefer western style and actually I did too. But since I lived abroad and got to know our beautiful culture, why not having Japanese style?

The kimono called Shiromuku. There are flying cranes in the back:)

I made all hair accessories and the earrings:) It’s called Tsumami-zaiku.  It’s a traditional Japanese craft made using small squared pieces of cloth that is pinched and folded with tweezers. It originated about 200 years ago during the Edo period!!
You can make it as it will be a new Wakalture’s activity soon:)

I fell in love with this beautiful garden😌💕 Actually I’ve come here for a Wakalture’s event in 2016. But who could imagine that I would come back here again for my wedding!!
Read about the event⇒
It was early December so perfect time for 紅葉(kouyou means autumn colour leaves)!! 

After the ceremony, we had reception. During the reception, We change dresses:)
I ordered this wedding cake topper:) It’s the same as our dresses!!
Look at my beautiful dress!!

I had busy days for preparing wedding but it became the most memorable day for me:)
Ask me when you come to Wakalture if you would like to see more photos!!

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Calligraphy Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

That’s my Calligraphy work for the Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno:) I did it last summer as well.
Then won a prize which was better than last year!! I’m not happy with my Calligraphy works though… When I saw it at the museum, I cried as it didn’t look great for me…
I’m always told by my teacher it’s a good thing. Because if I think my Calligraphy is good, then I will never improve.
I also always tell my guests but… it’s hard ;(
I’ll do better next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!