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9月 22, 2017 0

Calligraphy Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

That’s my Calligraphy work for the Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno:) I did it last summer as well.
Then won a prize which was better than last year!! I’m not happy with my Calligraphy works though… When I saw it at the museum, I cried as it didn’t look great for me…
I’m always told by my teacher it’s a good thing. Because if I think my Calligraphy is good, then I will never improve.
I also always tell my guests but… it’s hard ;(
I’ll do better next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8月 25, 2017 0

A thing you must do in Japanese summer :)

If you’re in Japan in summer, you must go to see fireworks!!
Many people wear a kind of kimono called YUKATA. I wore it as well!!
Wearing yukata isn’t comfortable and is very hot!! But it’s like a tradition in summer 😛
I enjoy more with yukata♡

I did the nails by myself 🙂

There are lots of fireworks displays in Japan. I went to one in Adachi-ku Tokyo.
It was about 1.5 hours. Sooooooo beautiful!!
I took few good shots 🙂 Please have a look!!

7月 17, 2017 0

Marine Day

Today is a public holiday in Japan.

It’s called 海の日(Umi no hi) means Marine Day.

As you know Japan is an island, it’s a day to thank the blessings of the sea.

It’s held on the third Monday in July so we had a bit long weekend:)

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7月 12, 2017 0

Summer greeting card

I did a workshop making summer greeting card “Shochumimai” (暑中見舞い) at Keio department store in Shinjuku.
I’ve done another workshop making new years card before. Then they offered me again fortunately:)

Summer in Japan is super muggy. So we send the card to wish their health.

They were all Japanese. I usually teach Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) to foreigners. But I’ve found the Japanese were almost same as foreigners. I mean things I taught them. Only except they know Kanji so that I didn’t teach order of strokes. 

Calligraphy is a Japanese traditional culture.
But unfortunately most of Japanese don’t know about it well.
Especially younger people and my generation, we don’t really use brushes to write:(
It’s a good opportunity to experience/know our traditional culture:)

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5月 31, 2017 0

Rose garden

I went to Ikuta ryokuchi rose garden last weekend:)

The garden opens in late spring and autumn.
It was the last day so some of them were dying unfortunately 🙁
But still very beautiful!!

There were a lot of kinds and colours of roses!!
This rose garden is a bit far from the city but it’s free entrance:)

Web site (Ikuta ryokuchi)