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8月 22, 2018 0

Calligraphy exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art museum

My icon of summer these 3 years is this exhibition!!

I won the second best prize♡

Now, I would like to thank to all my guests.
My teacher told me because of teaching calligraphy to you guys, I have more time to use(write with) a brush, my calligraphy skills have been improving  
All of you guys who came to Wakalture, because of you guys I was able to win this prize.
Thank you so much for coming to learn Calligraphy!!

8月 22, 2018 0

Calligraphy at a Japanese language school, ILCL

I did the Calligraphy class at a Japanese language school, ICLC!!
Wrote 夏 means summer in kanji😊

I tried to pick simple or easy Japanese words for students since some of them have just started learning Japanese.
It was more difficult to teach in simple Japanese than teaching in English
They kept saying “difficult” but then practice very hard so that everyone realised how much they’ve improved at the end:) I told them doing Calligraphy is like learning Japanese. You can’t be get in a day;) Like “Rome was not built in a day”.


7月 09, 2018 1

A traditional Japanese craft, Tsumami-zaiku

Tsumami-zaiku, it’s a traditional Japanese craft using small squared pieces of cloth that is pinched and folded with tweezers. No needles or thread!! It originated about 200 years ago during the Edo period:)
It’s used by Geisha and Maiko as hair accessories and Obi-dome(for kimono).
Now, it’s getting popular for regular uses:)
White Dahlia on my weddingWhite Dahlia

What you can experience at Tsumami-zaiku class?
You make a beautiful flower of either magnet, corsage or hair tie. Hair tie can be a bag charm:)
1, Choose your fabric (a special type of fabric called Chirimen). There are various colours so you can pick your favorite colour;)
2, Practice how to fold and glue then give it a try!! It may be a bit tricky at first, but you’ll soon get used to it:)
3, Glue* them together to make a flower and place on the base (magnet, corsage or hair tie).
4, Choose pearls or beads and put it in the middle of flower.
Done!! It takes about 1-1,5 hours. This class is offered ¥3,000.

*There is a traditional way spreading glue on a wooden board and place the clothes that you fold in the glue. At Wakalture, you use different type of glue as it’s easier and quicker:)

Photo frame for friend's marriage Cherry blossom earrings
I got to know about Tsumami-zaiku when I was planing for my wedding!!
As I wore 白無垢(Shiromuku), a kind of Kimono for wedding, I looked for Japanese style hair accessories.
Everything related “wedding” costs a lot  even for a rental lol Then thought about making them by myself!!
Since I like craft, making small things, I really enjoyed making Tsumami-zaiku and started learning more about it.  It’s one of my big hobbies now:) Tsumami-zaiku is very simple but amazing!! All are used squared fabric but different ways to fold so that can be various of flowers such as cherry blossoms, rose, sunflower, crane or golden fish!!
So I set up this new class to share this FUN activity and people get to know about Tsumami-zaiku more as it’s not well-known unfortunately…!!

4月 05, 2018 0

Last minute for Hanami!!

Cherry blossoms have started falling already…;(
I went to hanami last Sunday as I thought it’s gonna be too late to do this weekend.
Ueno is a good place for hanami but Tokyo is warmer so I went to Yamato city in Kanagawa.
As it’s a bit far from Tokyo (about 2 hours away) there were much less people even though it was a nice warm day!!

Some of petals are gone already but it was still so pretty as you see:)
Also it was so beautiful to see flurry of cherry blossoms blown in the wind!!

It’s been 1,5 years since I started Wakalture so this is my second time for cherry blossoms.
I’ve been wanting to have a hanami party with my guests to share how we enjoy it;)
But it’s difficult to plan as nobody know when is the time for Sakura, cherry blossom.
Hope I can have a hanami party maybe next year… !!
Message me if you have plans to come to Tokyo in Spring 2019 😉

4月 02, 2018 0

Make Japanese Omelette, Tamagoyaki at Wakalture!!

What is Tamagoyaki??

Have you ever had Tamagoyaki? In English, it’s Japanese omelette, Japanese rolled omelette or egg roll, I think.
The typical egg dish in Japan!! And one of my favorite dish♡
Tamagoyaki is a bento box staple, as well as being a popular sushi topping!!

On the left down, you see the yellow square thing next to the pink one looks like a flower?
That’s Tamagoyaki!! My mum used to put Tamagoyaki in my lunch box almost everyday when I was a student:)
If you’ve ever had bento box, then you sould’ve eaten Tamagoyaki!!

There are several types of Tamagoyaki. It is made by eggs, dashi and sugar or soy sauce. Additionally, sake and mirin are used in some recipes. Also between the layers, many ingredients you could put in like seaweed or spinach etc…
A friend of mine, she makes Tamagoyaki everyday for her husband’s lunch box. She put something different in Tamagoyaki so that he won’t be sick of eating Tamagoyaki everyday!!

Do you want to try to make Tamagoyaki now?
Then Wakalture is the place for that!! 😀
At Wakalture, you make 2 kinds of Tamagoyaki, sweet Tamagoyaki and savory Tamagoyaki.
Cooking with the long chopsticks (called Saibashi 菜箸) and squared pan:)
We (used to) use chopsticks only for cooking. And the chopsticks are longer than regular chopstick for eating. (For the safety.) To mix egg and other ingredients with the long chopsticks will be fun and new experience for you:)
It might be difficult to roll the egg with long chopsticks but you’ll get better soon!!
And same as Udon making class, if you take this class, then you’ll be able to make Tamagoyaki after returning home♪ It doesn’t need very special ingredients and tools;)

Tamagoyaki making class is an additional activity at Wakalture.
So take either Beginners or Advanced Calligraphy class or one of Udon making class.
Then the Tamagoyaki class is only 2000 yen/ person 😉 (Udon and Tamagoyaki making class is 8000 yen)
*For people who have food allergies* Tamagoyaki is used EGG and Soy sauce. 

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