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3月 27, 2018 0

The best time to see sakura right now!!

I don’t know exactly why people include me like cherry blossom (sakura) so much… everyone is so excited seeing cherry blossoms. They’re so pretty, beautiful and gorgeous:) 

Please have a look my photos!! It was taken yesterday, 26th March at Ueno Park:)

Sakura trees are actually everywhere in Japan!!lol Hope you can find then if you’re here:)

3月 15, 2018 0

Plum festival at Odawara

About a month ago, I visited Odawara for plum festival (Ume matsuri) 😊
It was a super sunny day so I could see Mt.Fuji clearly!! Mt.Fuji and plum blossoms with my Alpaca:) 
Pink and white blossoms with blue sky!! So beautiful, isn’t it?
I saw a dog in front of the plum tree:) There were many people walking with dogs!! I couldn’t take photos but Shiba was sooooo cute with plum blossoms!!

Look at this plum tree!! Can you believe that only one trunk has this much branches and blossoms😲✨
Must be so heavy…
The day was a bit too early to see weeping plum blossoms. But I was lucky!! On the way back to car parking,
I found this weeping plum tree:) Still wasn’t full but 70%? so pretty anyway (my alpaca between plum blossoms too😁)!!

Tokyo is warmer these days so cherry blossom (Sakura) season may be coming earlier in this year…?!
Just now, Kouchi prefecture announced that the first cherry blossoms have started to bloom!!
Near my place, Ueno will may be announced in 3 days!! 
At Wakalture, I made cherry blossom earring with Tsumami-zaiku:) One pair is only 1000 yen if you participate any Wakalture’s activity!!

9月 22, 2017 0

Calligraphy Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

That’s my Calligraphy work for the Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno:) I did it last summer as well.
Then won a prize which was better than last year!! I’m not happy with my Calligraphy works though… When I saw it at the museum, I cried as it didn’t look great for me…
I’m always told by my teacher it’s a good thing. Because if I think my Calligraphy is good, then I will never improve.
I also always tell my guests but… it’s hard ;(
I’ll do better next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8月 25, 2017 0

A thing you must do in Japanese summer :)

If you’re in Japan in summer, you must go to see fireworks!!
Many people wear a kind of kimono called YUKATA. I wore it as well!!
Wearing yukata isn’t comfortable and is very hot!! But it’s like a tradition in summer 😛
I enjoy more with yukata♡

I did the nails by myself 🙂

There are lots of fireworks displays in Japan. I went to one in Adachi-ku Tokyo.
It was about 1.5 hours. Sooooooo beautiful!!
I took few good shots 🙂 Please have a look!!

7月 17, 2017 0

Marine Day

Today is a public holiday in Japan.

It’s called 海の日(Umi no hi) means Marine Day.

As you know Japan is an island, it’s a day to thank the blessings of the sea.

It’s held on the third Monday in July so we had a bit long weekend:)

Wakalture’s activities