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5月 07, 2017 0


I did Takopa few weeks ago!! Takopa means Takoyaki party:9
I used to have takopa often when I was a student:)
Have you ever tried making Takoyaki?

Takoyaki is a signature food of Osaka. But many Japanese include me love it!!
In Tokyo, my favorite Takoyaki shop is 銀だこ(Gindako). Their Takoyaki is very crispy outside:)

By the way, do you know this?

It’s called Takosen. 
Takoyaki squashed between 2 crackers (senbei).
I had this few weeks ago. It was actually my first time to eat!! I didn’t even know Takosen!! 
It’s a good snack when you travel😊👍 Probably easier to find them in Osaka!!

3月 06, 2017 0

Handmade Gyoza

Gyoza (dumpling) is very popular in Japan even though it’s originally from China:)

Basic gyoza is filled with ground pork, nira (chives), cabbage,  garlic, ginger.
Some restaurants put shrimps or other ingredients too.
I put Shiitake mushroom sometimes to make it more tasty!
Ramen restaurants or Chinese restaurants are where you can find Gyoza:)
Ueno has a famous local Gyoza restaurant called Shoryu (昇龍). Their gyoza is quite big this is one of reasons they are famous! They also have one more restaurant called Shoryu (昇龍) part 2:) I’ve visited there twice. They were so busy but it was great!!

I’m considering to have a new activity to make Gyoza at Wakalture as many visitors told me they want to learn…!

3月 03, 2017 0

Hinamatsuri (Doll’s festival)

Do you know about Hinamatsuri? (Doll’s festival or Girls festival in English)
It’s held on 3rd March.
We celebrate Hinamatsuri to pray for young girls’ growth and happiness:)
This is my Ohinasama (Hina dolls in English) 🎎✨

Most of girls have their own Hina dolls so this is my sister’s. This has a musical box:)
You can see the video on my Instagram HERE.

There is a superstition from early Showa period. After 3rd March, if putting the Hina dolls away delays, the daughter’s marriage will delay too. So my parents kept saying that to me and my sister!

What we eat for Hinamatsuri is these:)
Chirashi-sushi and Ushiojiru (cherrystone clam soup).
I made Hina dolls on the top using quail eggs:D
There is a reason we eat cherrystone clam on the day. Since shells of cherrystone clam only fit each pair not any others, it became symbol of lovebird. So parents prepare this to wish their daughter find a good partner.

We also eat these sweets called Sakura-mochi and kusa-mochi😋
Sakura-mochi is wrapped with a salted cherry leaf🌸 Tastes not only sweet but also a bit salty:)
Those are from a local Japanese sweets shop, Usagiya where is only few minutes away from Wakalture:) They are the best!!

Open:Tuesday to Monday, 9am to 6pm
Address:1-10-10 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo (*Japanese only)