Click HERE to book the Wakalture Experience!!

For your booking, please tell me these details.
1, Classes you would like to have experience
2, 1st to 3rd preference date and time
3, A number of people
3, A word you would like to write in Japanese calligraphy (Either English or Japanese. English will be translated to Japanese. I recommend it not too long as it will be hard to fit in a paper.)

*At the Calligraphy class, please come with casual clothes. The ink stains permanently.
*Cash only. Wakalture does not accept credit cards… sorry.

I am happy to help you for everything making your Japan trip better:)
If you tell me where you stay, I will find the easiest/cheapest/fastest way to come to the school.
If you have no time for them, I might be able to make it shorter.
If you need a booking in Japanese website, I can help you.