Wakalture Activities

※All classes are private. You only see your group and me:)

Calligraphy classes

With 28 years of experience, I will show you all the tricks of the trade!

Beginners Calligraphy class(1.5 hours~) ¥7,000~/person
To experience fun Japanese Calligraphy for your first time.
You will learn basics. Pick a word and practice then write it on a special paper to take it home:)
Maximum 6 people.
One one one ¥10,000
A group of 2-3 people ¥8,000/person (child under 7 year old is ¥4,000)
A group of 4-6 people ¥7,000/person (child under 7 year old is ¥3,500)

Advanced Calligraphy class(2 hours) ¥15,000/person
To learn/gain your Calligraphy skills, make your own masterpiece.
This is good for who has done Calligraphy classes before too.
Maximum 3 people.
*Adult only

In both classes, you can take all your work home with an awesome memories:)
Feel free to ask  me for more details.

If you’re in Tokyo for a while and would like to learn Japanese Calligraphy more, one-on-one one month course (1 hour×4) is 20,000 yen. Ask me about more info:)

Cooking +α classes

うどん img_20161021_170752
You will make Japanese traditional noodle, Udon.
After you mix and knead, let Udon sit 1-1.5 hours. While you wait, you will do another activity either Calligraphy class, Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) making class or Origami class.
When the  Udon dough gets ready, roll and cut them. You’ll use a special knife for cutting noodles!!
Of course you can try the taste of Udon after it’s cooked:)
You will get a recipe so you are able to make Udon noodle back home!!

・Cooking+Calligraphy class (3,5 hours~) ¥15,000/person
A group of 4-6 people ¥13,000/person
・Cooking (Udon and Tamagoyaki making) class (3 hours)¥11,000/person
Read about Tamagoyaki🙂
・Cooking+Origami making class (3 hours) ¥10,000/person
Maximum 6 people.
Kids price available:) Under 7 years old kid is a half price!!
※These prices are for a group of 2 people or more. There will be an additional charge of ¥3,000 for one-on-one classes.

Tsumami-zaiku class

Do you know what Tsumami-zaiku is? Read about Tsumami-zaiku🙂
It’s a traditional Japanese craft started from Edo period:)

You can either make a colourful flower magnet, corsage or hair tie to take home!! *hair tie can be a bag charm;)
This class is ¥4,000/person (approximately time is 1 to 1.5 hours)
※An additional activity.

Tea ceremony class

*Available only for participation of Wakalture (Either Calligraphy or Cooking class).
S_5685662777373.jpg加工 S_5685662716217.jpg加工
Tea ceremony class ¥10,000/person
Approximately time is 1-1.5 hour. *Depending on the situation: the number of  group, wearing Kimono or not. It may take longer if you have lots of questions (they love it!).
You will get instructions about tea ceremony, tea and sweets(tea is always served with Japanese traditional beautiful sweets) then be served green tea. After that, you will make tea by yourself:) 
¥3,000/each if you would like to wear kimono in this class.

Unfortunately I can’t teach you as I have no license and enough experience for it. But I can introduce my Calligraphy teacher and her daughter instead:) It’s only 5 minutes away from Wakalture.
My teacher on the right and her daughter on the left.
My teacher (on the right) is originally a master of tea ceremony and have her own classes for Japanese students. So you’re going to use the real things. They even use very special charcoal to make hot water (tastes more mild/soft!!). Her daughter (on the left) knows about it very well and speaks English.
Read HERE for more about Tea ceremony and this experience:)

Additional activities

*Available only for participation of Wakalture (Either Calligraphy or Cooking class).
Mini cooking (Japanese omelette, Tamagoyaki)
2~6 people ¥2,500/person. One person is ¥3,500
Origami ¥1,500/person
Tsumami-zaiku ¥4,000/person

Handmade origami earrings
One pair from ¥2,000 for participation of  Wakalture:)

Booking Wakalture

Click⇒ Contact  to book the Wakalture Experience!!

You can message me on WhatsApp (+81 807818 7823) ,Facebook or Instagram too:)
For your booking, please tell me these details.
1, Name of class
2, Date and time
3, A number of people
4, *Cooking class only* Anything that you are allergic to or you cannot eat.

*Please come with older casual clothes. Especially for the Calligraphy class, the ink stains permanently.
*Please do not come barefoot as it will be held in a local home otherwise you need to purchase socks.
*For security purposes, please bring your photo ID.
*Cash only. Wakalture does not accept credit cards.

One of reasons I’ve started Wakalture…
When I lived in Australia and Canada, lots of local people talked to me, showed me, helped me. I loved it!! People were so kind and friendly:) This is the biggest reason for me that I became to like Australia and Canada so much!! So this is my turn to show the real Japan and to make you to like Japan more:)

They used to be my host family but they are my family now!!
To be honest, all my English that I had when I arrived Australia were “Yes”, “No” and SMILE.
But they kept talking to me, checking my diary everyday, telling me Aussie and NZ culture, taking me many beautiful places and giving me many chances to meet local people.
I love Australia. I often go back to see them too:)

Few of my coworkers in Canada.
I worked at a cafe with them almost everyday for 8 months.
We were always together even after work or day off. As I had no host family, they are like my family in Canada who I can see again when I’m back:) I can’t imagine how boring the life there without them!!