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New activity, Tea Ceremony!!

Another Japanese traditional culture, 茶道(Sado) Tea ceremony is now available only for participation of Wakalture!!


Since I have not enough knowledge and experience to teach Tea ceremony, I asked my Calligraphy teacher to do the experience class with her daughter for participation of Wakalture. Her name is Bisui. Bisui sensei(teacher in Japanese) is originally a teacher of Tea ceremony. And her daughter, Emi, knows about it very well and speaks English as she’s also lived in Australia. 
茶室(Cha-shitsu) is a room for Tea ceremony. In the room, there is always Japanese Calligraphy on the wall and flowers(華道, Kado, Flower arrangement) like the picture below. This 3 traditional cultures are always together in the room. This is the reason she started learning Calligraphy too.


There are many places that you can experience Tea ceremony (Calligraphy as well) but you should check if they are licensed. Wakalture only want to show you the real Japanese culture.
Bisui sensei has classes only for Japanese speakers who want to keep learning Tea ceremony not for tourists to experience. But as she and her daughter are very friendly and like to communicate with tourists they’ve decided to help me:)

What do you do at Tea ceremony class? 

1, Watch Otemae, the act of making a tea then get instructions about Tea ceremony.

2, Try traditional beautiful Japanese sweets 🙂 It changes depending on the season. It was in Spring and Cherry blossom season! Looks so pretty and tastes great too!! 
3, Try 抹茶(Matcha), green tea that they make for you. Tastes a little bit bitter that’s why you eat the sweets before drinking tea. You will know how good is the combination of bitterness of green tea and sweetness of sweets!!

They teach you not only how to drink but also the reasons. You may be surprised at the reasons:) 
 4, Time to make your own green tea!! As I mentioned, the school isn’t for tourists they use real utensils. Also charcoal which is different from BBQ one, used only for Tea ceremony. Some of them are very expensive:P

They were a little bit nervous to make green tea by themselves at first. But see this nice smiles:D They succeeded to make it!! We were so happy to see their smile:)

★Women only★
You can wear Kimono in this class!!

Sizes are limited but if you like, she can dress you up!! Hair as well:)

Other activities→Activities

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Host of Tea ceremony class:)

My teacher on the right and her daughter on the left.

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Be a local

Hub Japan is where you can find opportunities to meet local people and have local experience:)
It’s close to my purpose that I’ve started Wakalture Experience!!
To meet local people is the easiest and fastest way to know about Japan!! You feel it!!
As I’ve met lots of awesome locals while I was in Australia and Canada, I became to love these countries a lot!!
So I hope you will meet nice local Japanese when you are in Japan then become a Japan lover!!

Wakalture and Hun Japan would love to help you!! 

All Wakalture’s plans are in their web site (

Please read this article!! They wrote about me and Wakalture:)
Japanese calligraphy & Udon cooking classes in Akihabara, Wakalture

They have many articles about Japan like things to do/see/eat in Japan:) You should check them out before coming to Japan it’s very useful!!

Hub Japan

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Handmade Gyoza

Gyoza (dumpling) is very popular in Japan even though it’s originally from China:)

Basic gyoza is filled with ground pork, nira (chives), cabbage,  garlic, ginger.
Some restaurants put shrimps or other ingredients too.
I put Shiitake mushroom sometimes to make it more tasty!
Ramen restaurants or Chinese restaurants are where you can find Gyoza:)
Ueno has a famous local Gyoza restaurant called Shoryu (昇龍). Their gyoza is quite big this is one of reasons they are famous! They also have one more restaurant called Shoryu (昇龍) part 2:) I’ve visited there twice. They were so busy but it was great!!

I’m considering to have a new activity to make Gyoza at Wakalture as many visitors told me they want to learn…!

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Hinamatsuri (Doll’s festival)

Do you know about Hinamatsuri? (Doll’s festival or Girls festival in English)
It’s held on 3rd March.
We celebrate Hinamatsuri to pray for young girls’ growth and happiness:)
This is my Ohinasama (Hina dolls in English) 🎎✨

Most of girls have their own Hina dolls so this is my sister’s. This has a musical box:)
You can see the video on my Instagram HERE.

There is a superstition from early Showa period. After 3rd March, if putting the Hina dolls away delays, the daughter’s marriage will delay too. So my parents kept saying that to me and my sister!

What we eat for Hinamatsuri is these:)
Chirashi-sushi and Ushiojiru (cherrystone clam soup).
I made Hina dolls on the top using quail eggs:D
There is a reason we eat cherrystone clam on the day. Since shells of cherrystone clam only fit each pair not any others, it became symbol of lovebird. So parents prepare this to wish their daughter find a good partner.

We also eat these sweets called Sakura-mochi and kusa-mochi😋
Sakura-mochi is wrapped with a salted cherry leaf🌸 Tastes not only sweet but also a bit salty:)
Those are from a local Japanese sweets shop, Usagiya where is only few minutes away from Wakalture:) They are the best!!

Open:Tuesday to Monday, 9am to 6pm
Address:1-10-10 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo (*Japanese only)

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The meaning of 書道(shodo), Japanese Calligraphy.

She came to Wakalture for Udon making and Calligraphy class!!
I usually talk a lot with customers but the day,,, I talked too much!!lol
So I totally forgot to take photo of her and her Calligraphy.
Most of customers ask me how long it takes to write perfect one. I always make them surprised as I answer “never”.
書道 (Shodo) is Japanese calligraphy in Japanese). The meaning of this Kanji 書 is writing and 道 is road. 道 is also used for other Japanese traditional things as you may know 柔道(Judo), 茶道(Sado, tea ceremony), 華道(Kado, flower arrangement) etc…
All of them is with 道(road). Roads never end. So, to learn Shodo(Calligraphy) never ends as well. I also believe that if I feel satisfied what I write, then I’ll never be able to improve my skills. I’m licensed Calligrapher, I’ve been learning 21 years but I’m still learning:)

Anyway, she enjoyed taking with me and the class!!

After the class, I took her to the best Dorayaki shop near the Wakalture:)
While we were talking, she’s told me some Japanese sweets that her boss likes but she couldn’t remember the name of it. I suddenly realised it was Dorayaki!! So I decided to take her there!
Dorayaki is what she is holding in the photo. Outside is like pancakes and inside is sweet red beans called “anko”.
I knew some people don’t like it as it has sweet beans but she actually liked it a lot:D I’m so glad!!

This is her review on Trip advisor!!

Wakalture Experience at TripAdvisor

It was fun time to me too:)