12月 23, 2016 4

Calligraphy, local tour and Izakaya night☆


Eric came to Wakalture to make his girlfriend’s present for X’mas:) He wrote her name in Katakana. The reason her name is not in Kanji is that we usually use Katakana for words which came from other countries such as names, country names, cake, golf, zucchini etc…  It was hard to fit in the paper but he did really well!! I’m hoping that she likes it:)

After the Calligraphy lesson, I showed him around my local area. He went to other temples and shrines before coming to Wakalture but didn’t know how to rinse hands and mouth also to pray.


At Kanda Myojin shrine with The Skytree!!

Then we went to a Japanese restaurant. It’s located in Myogadani and this is the best Japanese restaurant that I know!! If you are looking for somewhere to try good fish, this is it!!
He hasn’t had a good meal since he came to Japan. (I was like NOOO WAYYYY!!!!!)
So I decided to take him there. I knew he would love it as I said it’s the best place then he actually love it all dishes:D And told me that his impression of Tokyo would have been different if I didn’t show him around and took him to the restaurant. That made me super happy!! That’s exactly what I want to do, the reason why I started Wakalture Experience!!


Sashimi combo!!


Egg roll. It’s actually easy to make but the taste is so much better here!!


Kamameshi with Salmon roe and Urchin!! Kamameshi is a way to cook rice. The rice has nice savory:)

If you are interested, feel free to message me!!
I’m happy to help your trip of Japan more memorable:D


10月 21, 2016 0

Udon making

img_20161021_170752They’ve enjoyed making Udon noodle at #wakalture 🙂

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10月 17, 2016 0

From France

img_20161017_142130I met a nice French couple in Harajuku. She loved my Crane earings then came to Wakalture for it!! Merci:)

Hope they enjoy the rest of stay in Japan!!

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9月 12, 2016 2

Japanese cooking!! Let’s make Udon noodle♪

Have you ever heard Udon? It’s a kind of Japanese noodle such as Ramen and Soba.
Udon is simply made from flour, water and salt.




After mix all ingredients and knead, let the Udon dough sit for about 1 hour to 1.5 hour.
Choose either Shodo Calligraphy class or Origami making class while you are waiting.




Then roll it out and cut it!!
It’s served cold Udon and Dashi soup, “Zaru Udon” style.
It is the best way to taste of Udon:)
Dashi is made from fish called bonito. *Be able to change seaweed or mushroom for vegetarians and vegans.

You will receive a recipe to continue your pursuit of Japanese culture even after returning home:)



7月 19, 2016 0

For an exhibition

I was working on this huge calligraphy for an exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
It took me 40 minutes to finish writing just one paper. Japanese calligraphy is tough sometimes.

In August 3rd to 10th!! It’s free admission if you are around Ueno/ Tokyo, please come to visit:)
I can of course guide you if you let me know that you are coming!!