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Calligraphy museum in Uguisudani

I went to the Calligraphy museum located in Uguisudani for the first time today!!
There is no camera permitted so I have this photo only but it was amazing!!
Though the way from Uguisdani station to the museum was a bit awkward as there are lots of Love Hotels,,, *sorry but please just google about it… can’t explain. 

I’m not the person who loves history but seeing famous Calligrapher’s writing which was written in 300-500 BC.
王羲之(Wang Xizhi), 顔真卿(Yan Zhenqing), 欧陽詢(Ouyang Xun), 虞世南(Yu Shinan), 褚遂良(Chu Suiliang) are very famous Calligrapher like,,, I know them lol
I learnt memorised for exams about history of Calligraphy when I was in high school. But I’d never seen their actual Calligraphy so I was like,,, if I knew here and was able to come and see at that time!!;(
Also we had a person who knows about Calligraphy history super well. He explained and answered all our questions.
Definitely worth it!! I would love to learn more and maybe one day, I would guide Wakalture’s guests?!?!

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Naomi Osaka Congratulations!!!!!!!

Naomi Osaka wins Australian Open 2019!!✨😆✨🎊
And she is the World’s number one player now!!
She is like a hero in Japan!!
So proud of her♡

Can’t wait to see her play more:D

By the way, on the photo, I wrote 大阪半端ないって!! “Osaka hanpanaitte!!” in Japanese.
Hanpanaitte is an expression meaning “incredible”, “amazing” or “awesome”
This is originally(?) from the popular word in 2018 “Osako hanpanaitte!!” lol
Osako is one of soccer player who played the World cup last year. As he did great jobs, people kept saying to describe how awesome he was.
So I just changed a little bit to her name:P

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First guest from Israel

They took a Udon and Origami making class!
Folded Origami Pikachu, crane, box and medal:)
She is a teacher at a kindergarten. So she tried to remember for her kids:)
I hope she did teach them well!!
Origami is supposed to kids play. I used to make lots of Origami when I was like 3-6 years old;)

Their Udon looks like のれん(Noren)!!
They are a very nice couple♡ Lots of mile:)  I sometimes wonder why all my guests are so awesome!!

They also liked my handmade Origami earrings and Tsumami-zaiku accessories!!
Brought them back home 7 of them O.o!!
He also picked a few and mentioned me those were presents not for him;D
So glad they liked them♡

They left great reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor.
This is the one on TripAdvisor.

Great and fun experience, a must if you are visiting Tokyo
We have decided to take our vacation this year in Tokyo, we are always looking for something local and if possible combined with artistic experience.
We have found Wakalture on trip advisor with very high recommendations so we booked us the Wakalture experience.
From the minute we booked our visit, Wakana introduced herself and we started corresponding by mails, Wakana had explained everything so we knew exactly what to expect for.
We arrived to Wakana apartment, Wakana was so welcoming and nice with a great attitude and made us feel like home.
We booked the Udon and Origami experience, we started with the Udon dough preparation and while we had to wait about an hour for the dough to be ready we did the Origami part.
Wakana was so nice and patient with us and made it fun and enjoyable experience for us. 
We are grateful and fortunate to have meet Wakana and taking that experience, it is highly recommended.

Thank you for coming to Wakalture!!

If you’re interested in Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), Cooking (Udon, Tamagoyaki), Origami or Tsumami-zaiku then please contact me!!
You’ll learn the Traditional Japanese Calligraphy;) I have a license to teach Calligraphy and over 20 years of experiences.
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Hatada’s Kuri tarte

Kuri tarte is one of famous souvenirs which symbolises my husband’s hometown, Ehime prefecture.
Kuri tarte is the one I’m holding. Kuri means chestnut. I have no idea why they call it tarte though,,,

And I tried making Kuri-tarte when I went to Ehime on the new year holiday.

1st, spread paste of anko (sweet beans) with chestnuts on sponge. It should be done very quickly otherwise the paste gets harder😲

2nd, roll then💪 She helped me so it was easy but I guess I didn’t roll tightly enough,,, I found a whole when I cut them😭💦
It was easy to do but it’s gonna be very difficult to make one like they sell😂

Finally, pack them and write name on the package:)

Ta-da!! I made it!!

They have the hat (? no idea how to say in English) and happi for taking photos😂 Why not to do with my Kuri-tarte😁✨

Ehime is popular for Shimanami Kaido.
I’ve been there by bike with my husband! It was so beautiful:)
If you’re going to Ehime, don’t miss it!!
Hatada’s official web site (Japanese only):

If you’re interested in Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), cooking or Tsumami-zaiku, then please contact me!!
You’ll learn the Traditional Japanese Calligraphy;) I have a license to teach Calligraphy and over 20 years of experiences.
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Calligraphy and Tea ceremony

She came for the Japanese calligraphy and Tea ceremony classes!

She chose the best word (for me lol).
食(Shoku) means eat;9 I always say, I LIVE TO EAT!!

Then she went to the Tea ceremony on the other day.
Why I don’t do Tea ceremony classes by myself?
Because I don’t have much experiences for it. I actually wanted to learn Tea ceremony few years ago and my Calligraphy teacher who is also a master of Tea ceremony let me join her lesson as a trial. It was fun but there are soooo many things that I have to know and memorise. Like,,, how to entre, how to walk, how to bow,,, then I just gave up!! I thought it was going to very hard to be a professional in my age (also I want to gain my Calligraphy skill more).

But since I know there are people who don’t know much about tea ceremony but teach it to tourists (same as calligraphy😞), I asked her if she could help. So at least my guests will only experience the true authentic tea ceremony.
Tea ceremony, Calligraphy and many of traditional arts, it’s not something you can get in a few years. Even 10 years. That’s why that’s skill. We spend lots of time, money and more to gain our skills. 
I’ve seen some of other Calligraphy classes like Wakalture. I saw their writing, they didn’t have skills but tourists didn’t know or couldn’t judge so they keep doing. Sadly even most of Japanese also don’t know.
When I started Wakalture but had no guests for a while, I was frustrated seeing posts of them having many gueste lol Because I knew I could do better:P 
But also got to know some of tourists may not really care about it (instructor was skilled or not). They seemed happy to just try them anyway.
My guests somehow felt the differences though:)

Before starting Wakalture, my skill of calligraphy was just for me as it was just a big hobby. But now, I teach Calligraphy with our unique culture to my guests from all over the world. So I feel my skill is worth more now😌💕
I really appreciate finding, choosing and coming to Wakalture on their trip! Also my teacher’s support:)

If you’re interested in Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) and Tea ceremony, then please contact me!!
You’ll learn the Traditional Japanese Calligraphy;) I have a license to teach Calligraphy and over 20 years of experiences.
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