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1月 27, 2019 0

Naomi Osaka Congratulations!!!!!!!

Naomi Osaka wins Australian Open 2019!!✨😆✨🎊
And she is the World’s number one player now!!
She is like a hero in Japan!!
So proud of her♡

Can’t wait to see her play more:D

By the way, on the photo, I wrote 大阪半端ないって!! “Osaka hanpanaitte!!” in Japanese.
Hanpanaitte is an expression meaning “incredible”, “amazing” or “awesome”
This is originally(?) from the popular word in 2018 “Osako hanpanaitte!!” lol
Osako is one of soccer player who played the World cup last year. As he did great jobs, people kept saying to describe how awesome he was.
So I just changed a little bit to her name:P

1月 19, 2019 0

Hatada’s Kuri tarte

Kuri tarte is one of famous souvenirs which symbolises my husband’s hometown, Ehime prefecture.
Kuri tarte is the one I’m holding. Kuri means chestnut. I have no idea why they call it tarte though,,,

And I tried making Kuri-tarte when I went to Ehime on the new year holiday.

1st, spread paste of anko (sweet beans) with chestnuts on sponge. It should be done very quickly otherwise the paste gets harder😲

2nd, roll then💪 She helped me so it was easy but I guess I didn’t roll tightly enough,,, I found a whole when I cut them😭💦
It was easy to do but it’s gonna be very difficult to make one like they sell😂

Finally, pack them and write name on the package:)

Ta-da!! I made it!!

They have the hat (? no idea how to say in English) and happi for taking photos😂 Why not to do with my Kuri-tarte😁✨

Ehime is popular for Shimanami Kaido.
I’ve been there by bike with my husband! It was so beautiful:)
If you’re going to Ehime, don’t miss it!!
Hatada’s official web site (Japanese only):

If you’re interested in Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), cooking or Tsumami-zaiku, then please contact me!!
You’ll learn the Traditional Japanese Calligraphy;) I have a license to teach Calligraphy and over 20 years of experiences.
Contact & Access
Other Wakalture Activities

12月 22, 2018 0

Matching Tsumami-zaiku accessories for mum and daughter:)

I had lunch with a friend and her daughter.

We visited Kuronekosha.
Kuro means black, neko is cat so Kuronekosha means black cat cafe!!
See the rice ball (it’s not a ball though) is a black cat!!

I made these Tsumami-zaiku accessories for them.

I used same fabric for matching hairpin and earrings!
The earrings are for my friend and hairpin is for her daughter:)
So glad they like them!!
Tsumami-zaiku is not very popular for even Japanese. Also because it’s a Japanese traditional craft so that people think it suits only kimono. But actually not. It’s good for regular uses;)

I’m planning to have a web shop for these Tsumami-zaiku accessories and origami earrings. Please feel free to message me if you like them. Or would like to see more:)

I offer classes to make Tsumami-zaiku as well!
Check activities page for more details.

12月 20, 2018 1

Trip to Morocco

I’ve visited to Morocco last month with my husband:)
My 27th country!!:D
I wanted to see the blue pearl, Chefchaouen for a long time!!

We arrived at Casablanca Airport (Mohammed V Airport) and met our guide, Hamid who speaks Japanese:)
We first visited Archaeological Site of Volubilis in Meknes.
Meknes is popular for wine. *We totally forgot to get it as we were starving… lol
Then we headed to Chefchaouen!!
We had one day in Chefchaouen on the 2nd day.
Hamid told us that there would be too many tourists during the day. So we went there before having breakfast. We just visited places only for taking pics. Then after breakfast (=lots of tourists), we started sightseeing;) That was the best idea!! Many tourists were waiting for taking pics.

If you visit Chefchaouen, must go to the hill!! You can see this awesome view from there:D

This is taken in a soap shop… these are all soaps!!lol
This never happens in Japan because we have earthquake.haha

3rd day, we headed to Fes.
Hamid stopped the car at Side Chahid and bought us pomegranate :9
He is our guide, Hamid.

We also visited a local supermarket:) I like seeing local supermakets when I travell!!
Then I found this huge flour O.o I’ve never seen them in just a normal regular supermarket!! So surprised!!
Arrived at a riad.
Riad is a large traditional Moroccan house build a central courtyard or garden. Lots of them now changed to hotels. We stayed other riads but this place was the most beautiful place:)
After having lunch, we went to Maze of Fes. We had another English guide in Fez otherwise we would totally get lost lol
This photo is Tanneries in Fes. So huge!! 

4th day, we were at Sahara dessert!! Riding camel is my 3rd time but 2 times were like 10-15 minutes not like this time 1-1,5 hours!!
Sunset on Sahara dessert!!
After that, we arrived at our tent. There was a bed, toilet and shower!! I could even charge my camera O.o!!
It was very nice experience, having Morrocan dinner, watching Berbers music and dance, seeing lots of stars at night and beautiful sunrise:)

5th day, we visited Todra Gorge. And Hamid took us to a shop for rose water as we stayed at M’Gouna. M’Gouna is popular for roses. I didn’t know about it very well so just bought few for friends. When I got a riad and had wi-fi, I searched about rose water, got to know it’s very useful and way cheaper than prices in Japan (more than 10 times)!! Next day, in the morning I asked him if he could take me there again lol Why not!! *The shop was closed unfortunately but he found another place and I got more:D

6th day, at Ait Ben Haddou (UNESCO site). Many movies were filmed here like Gladiator and Game of Thrones!!

Then finally arrived at our last destination, Marrakesh!! 
7th day. Marrakesh is the largest traditional market (souk) in Morocco☝ Soooo many shops are in there it was very tough to shop…lol Too many choice!!
I have more photos on my Instagram if you’re interested;)

By the way, do you know what this is?
……it’s a cactus!! I’ve never had cactus in my life but Hamid told me it’s delicious so we tried!! It tasted like Japanese loquat but with lots of seeds. I saw someone’s blog that he liked it so much and he had 3-5 cactus everyday O.o The taste was good but because of seeds, hmm maybe not for us…
There are lots of places to eat in Jemma El Fna Square (just in front of the souk) and everyone try to get customers so hard lol
We just decided to go this place as they were crowded and singing my song lol I don’t know the title but most of people know the song as “waka waka” ;P

Anyway, we ordered chicken tajin and vegetable couscous (below).
I actually really like all Moroccan foods except pastilla (too sweet for dinner or lunch). Especially tajin and couscous!! I don’t remember how many times we had them. We even bought couscous in a supermarket.

This is the best place to eat fish!! #14
Hamid suggested there and my husband read about  #14 on few blogs too. And it was very good!!
Also, #28 is a nice place when you’re thursty;9
We went there twice in our stay (1day+1night). He is very friendly and speaks English well!! He let me in his shop:D

We had a good time at the last night in Morocco.

8th day, we left our riad at 5am to the airport:(
Time to leave…

Hamid made our trip so much fun and memorable. Couldn’t be same without him!! His hospitality is very high, I felt like I have more that I can do for my guests.

Thank you so much Hamid-san for showing us beautiful Morocco!!

*I found Hamid on Instagram. He works for Sahara breeze travel.
This is the link for them it’s in French though.
You can arrange your schedule and it’s gonna be a private trip unless you ask them to look for others then you can save cost;)