5月 24, 2017 0

Hello Kitty and My Melody♡

Look at these Hello Kitty (on the right) and My Melody (on the left)!!
These are traditional Japanese sweets called Manju and Nerikiri. 
Both are sweet red jelly beans inside:)

I felt guilty to eat them but it was yummy!!

You can find them in stores of Shiose-sohonke (塩瀬総本家).
It’s in Ginza, Shinjuku etc…
Web site: *Japanese only

5月 17, 2017 0

A Huge Festival “Kanda Matsuri”

Kanda matsuri (Kanda festival) was held last weekend here in Kanda. 
It’s one of three most famous festival in Tokyo:) It’s a very very very big festival!!

This is called Mikoshi which is a portable shrine. The spirit of a deity temporarily reposes during the festival held in his honor.
There is 108 Chokai which is like neighborhood associations. Each of us have our own Mikoshi and carry it on the festival:) We also have our own colored Happi.

On Sunday, all of Mikoshi were in Chuo-Dori (Chuo street)!!

I saw the kid were standing on the Mikoshi and led people carry the Mikoshi:)

Would you like to see it?
The next one is in 2 years 2019!!

5月 07, 2017 0


I did Takopa few weeks ago!! Takopa means Takoyaki party:9
I used to have takopa often when I was a student:)
Have you ever tried making Takoyaki?

Takoyaki is a signature food of Osaka. But many Japanese include me love it!!
In Tokyo, my favorite Takoyaki shop is 銀だこ(Gindako). Their Takoyaki is very crispy outside:)

By the way, do you know this?

It’s called Takosen. 
Takoyaki squashed between 2 crackers (senbei).
I had this few weeks ago. It was actually my first time to eat!! I didn’t even know Takosen!! 
It’s a good snack when you travel😊👍 Probably easier to find them in Osaka!!

4月 03, 2017 0

Cherry blossoms!!!!!

Finally sakura (cherry blossom) season has come!! It took longer time this year though. We love sakura and hanami so much!!

Hanami is a typical way that Japanese people enjoy sakura. We sit under cherry tree then eat and drink:D Even though it’s too cold for doing hanami at night, it doesn’t matter. They just do it. People are crazy about hanami lol
I went to Ueno park few days ago where is only 10 minutes away from Wakalture. Ueno park is one of the most famous places for cherry blossom and hanami!!
Then found this super cute cat on the cherry tree!!!!

She/he was sitting and didn’t move so much but turn her/his face in the back sometimes so that everyone could take photos!!lol Around the cat was like this!!

Soooo many people!!

It’s hard to say when is the best time to see Cherry blossoms as it’s really depending on the weather.
So if you have seen it, you are so lucky!!:)

3月 30, 2017 0

Calligraphy, Origami and mini tour:)

She did almost full course of Wakalture!!
First, I showed her 2 shrines around my area and taught how to rinse hands and mouth then to pray.

This is Kanda Myojin Shrine.

Then did a beginners Calligraphy class:)
She picked a word “open-minded” but unfortunately there is no Japanese to translate nicely.
So I asked why she chose it to look for the best word for her.
Then found this word 新 means new. I thought she want to be or she is open-minded to this travel, different culture and new things:)
I was surprised at her Calligraphy skills. She has a good balance and learns quickly!!
Her balance was good already so I taught the techniques for writing beautiful strokes.
Then after few practice, she got it!! It’s not easy but somehow she did it O.o
I wonder if she keeps learning Calligraphy then gets so well!!

See how much she’s improved!!

After she enjoyed and I was surprised, she made few Origami craft such as jumping flog and crane.

She is taking a photo of 2 cranes. One is regular size of crane (pink one on the right) and the other one is tiny little crane (Yellow one on the left)!!

The end, I’ve got this present from her♡
She is from Vancouver so that she brought me Maple syrup!!:D
Thank you so much for it and fun time!!