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1月 09, 2019 0


TOEI TRANSPORTATION × TripAdvisor are holding TOKYO SURPRISE campaign!! And Wakalture is chosen for it:D

Wakalture surprise😆💕 I’m on the poster!!
I’m on the trains, buses even in platforms😲 

They have “Toei One-day Pass” (Toei Marugoto Kippu)
You can take all Toei line such as Toei Oedo Line, Toei Asakusa Line, Toei Shinjuku Line, Toei Mita Line and Toei buses for one day.
Also, you may win an assortment of mementos!! 
The ticket is marked “当” 😀

Wakalture is also chosen TOKYO SURPEISE! TOUR ROUTE:02 !!
In the route 02 tour, you can visit 9 spots include Wakalture Experience:)

Check their official web site for more details!!

Toei transportation on Twitter

Toei transportation on Facebook

12月 24, 2018 0

Japanese Calligraphy and Tsumami-zaiku

Sarah from England came for the beginners Calligraphy class and Tsumami-zaiku class:)

First, she did Tsumami-zaiku.
Choosing colour takes long time usually but she  picked very quickly!!
Then started folding fabrics after I showed how to do.
I’ve done this class about 10 times so far and seen guests struggled for the first time to fold them but she was different!!

She learnt very quickly and did very well!!
It’s a bit tricky to fold the squared of fabrics with tweezers so many of  guests started using fingers instead of tweezers,,, but she was very good at it!!
I was wondering why she was so good. *I asked later haha

Then, she made the colourful corsage (on her chest) 🙂

*Even though we took another photo, I still like this photo she was smiling and looking at me:D Reminds me the fun time with her! Keep Reading >

12月 14, 2018 0

Japanese Tsumami-zaiku Christmas Tree

Do you know what Tsumami-zaiku is?
It’s a Japanese traditional craft. *Please read about this blog A traditional Japanese craft, Tsumami-zaiku 
From a squared of fabric, we can make many kind of flowers like cherry blossoms, sunflower, hydrangea. Also able to make a crane AND this Christmas tree!!♡
Then my Japanese friends really like this so I did a workshop making this Tsumami-zaiku Christmas tree:)

I prepared various colour of fabric and they chose as they like.
So look at the Christmas trees!! Nothing same:D

It was their first time making Tsumami-zaiku but they did it!!

I know Christmas is coming soon but if you would like to make this at Wakalture,
please send me a message!! You can make this mini Christmas tree for 4,000 yen:)
(It would take about 2,5 hours)

Wakalture’s activities

10月 02, 2018 0

Welcome back!!

Welcome back to Wakalture Andrea and Violet♡
They came here in January then messaged me a few months later for another booking 🙂
This made me super happy!!

First time when Violet came to Wakalture in January:)
It was actually Andrea’s second time! He came for Udon and Calligraphy class then came with her for Calligraphy class. So he’s been to Wakalture 3 times!!

In this time, they did Udon and Calligraphy class:)
Well, actually Violet did make the Udon noodle by herself!!

Glad she enjoyed making Udon noodle and liked the taste of it:D

Look at her hairpin!!
I made the Tsumami-zaiku cherry blossom hairpin♡

Thank you for coming again!!
I hope to see them again:)

8月 22, 2018 0

Calligraphy at a Japanese language school, ILCL

I did the Calligraphy class at a Japanese language school, ICLC!!
Wrote 夏 means summer in kanji😊

I tried to pick simple or easy Japanese words for students since some of them have just started learning Japanese.
It was more difficult to teach in simple Japanese than teaching in English
They kept saying “difficult” but then practice very hard so that everyone realised how much they’ve improved at the end:) I told them doing Calligraphy is like learning Japanese. You can’t be get in a day;) Like “Rome was not built in a day”.